Good News of Divine Intervention

Revelation 12: 11  “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb,
and by the word of their testimony…”

t1Healed of heart condition –

Before I came to BOGHM, I have suffered over 1yr  of palpitation and shortness of breath and strange stomach pains each monthly. The doctor said I was likely to suffer a cardiac attack if I don’t take medication continuously. Nearly every night, I was breathless. But thanks be to God that the miracle-working power of God has healed me the first day I attended the Ministry. The man of God, Bishop Godwin ministered to me and I received the word of God with expectation that has seen me through with testimony upon testimony. I have experienced the deliverance of God. Allelujah!

Sis Odette

t2Supernatural breakthrough – indefinite stay

For 10 years in this country my life was stagnant. I have tried to accomplish many things with my own understanding but without success. But this year 2010 when I joined BOGHDM, I have seen the hand of God in my immigration status. When the Lord had given the prophetic utterance to Bishop Godwin concerning the supernatural breakthrough, I believed in God’s word and within a week I received my indefinite stay. With constant prayer, the negative circumstances have bowed to the word of God. Praise Jesus Christ for His faithfulness!




t3The struggle of 10 years is over – renewal of passport

Since 2000, I lost my birth certificate and could not renew my passport being of Greek nationality but born in Geneva. Unfortunately, every attempt to prove my place of birth was unsuccessful because the database could not trace my details. Desperate for a miracle, I ran from church to church. A friend brought me to BOGHM when during the service in the month of ‘pulling down strongholds’, Bishop Godwin asked for documents to be brought at the altar. I persisted in attending deliverance service and believed in the benefit of paying tithes and sowing seed for my expected miracles. Praise God, He has restored my birth certificate and most of my prayer requests answered. He has turned the impossible into possibilities. Allelujah!

Sister G

Healed of strange sickness – 

Since 1994, I was suffering from a disease on the left side of my abdomen which causes me to vomit constantly. The doctors could not diagnose it as it was an unknown sickness. I was on painkillers for many years. In desperation, I have even consulted herbalists without success. Then I heard about BOGHM and of the man of God, Pastor Godwin whom God is using mightily. During the service, I received my healing.  The disease has disappeared and I am pain free and the vomiting has stopped. Glory be to God, He has met me at the point of my need. 

Marcelline MA

God answered above what I expected –

After completing my nursing training, I was unemployed for more than a year. When I joined this ministry, through prayers and deliverance, I had a major breakthrough and I was offered two jobs at the same time. I now have a permanent and secured job and my debts are cancelled. The Bible says “seek first His Kingdom and righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well” Matt 6:33. God has seen me through and answered my prayer above my expectation.  Our God truly answers prayers.